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At the core of any team is an incredible uniform. At the core of Harrow Sports is our custom uniform production capabilities. That's why countless teams and organizations have relied on Harrow Sports to create the best uniforms for a wide range of sports. 

All of our custom uniforms are made in our USA production facility located in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in three uniform types, which allows for a wide range of designs and budgets. See below for details on each of our uniform types.

Screen Printed Uniforms

Our most budget friendly uniform option is a screen printed uniform. Screen Printing is the process of applying designs on apparel through the process of forcing ink through a fine mesh screen. Most graphical t-shirts are screen printed, as it is a very affordable option.

Pricing is based on how many graphics and colors will appear on a uniform, as well as what size the graphics will be. Screen Printing can be done on most materials, but is especially common on t-shirts and mesh jerseys. See a few of our examples below of Screen Printed uniforms:

Sublimated Uniforms

Sublimation printing is a printing technique where a special ink is printed on a transfer paper. The paper, with uniform design printed on it, is laid out on a polyester fabric, and placed in a heat press. Pressure and heat is applied to the fabric and dye, causing the ink to undergo sublimation.

Sublimation is when a solid converts directly into a gas, without first becoming a liquid. The most common example is dry ice. When the dye is heated under pressure, it is vaporized and the polyester "pores" expand and absorb the dye. This creates a vibrant uniform that won't fade, crack or peel. Sublimated uniforms are beneficial for teams that have non-standard colors or desire intricate uniform designs. As these are all custom cut, printed and sewn, all sizes are always available. See a few Sublimated Uniform examples below:

Tackle Twill Uniforms

Tackle Twill Uniforms are the most common uniform type among professional and amateur sports teams. These uniforms are created by sewing patches or appliques to a uniform. These patches are made of high quality nylon or polyester, and are sewn on in layers to create 3D designs. Tackle Twill Uniforms are generally more expensive than sublimated and screen printed uniforms, but are far more durable and offer superior design. See a few Tackle Twill uniform examples below: